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Pick up hours for commission

The most profitable way to sell watches or jewelry is – offer them to a wide range of people. With our help, your product will be seen by thousands of users around the world.

The procedure for transferring products to us for commission consists of the following stages :

  • Preliminary assessment of your product and preliminary mutual agreement on the possible selling price;
  • Professional examination of your product, a detailed description of the condition of your product, documents and accessories to it;
  • Reaching a mutual agreement:   on the sale price of your product, on the amount of our remuneration after the sale of your product, on the deadline for the sale of your products (at the end of this period, the product, if not sold, will be returned to you);
  • Conclusion of a commission agreement;
  • Transfer of your product, documents and accessories in it to us according to the Acceptance Certificate;

Further actions on our part:

  • Careful and responsible storage of your valuables transferred to us on a commission;
  • Offer your product to a large number of our clients on numerous resources of our presence, including the international platform ;
  • Negotiating with potential buyers, unlimited consultations;
  • Carrying out transactions related to the sale of your product: accepting payments, organizing secure shipment (if necessary), providing after-sales services.
  • Transfer of your funds to you in case of sale, or return of the product at the end of the sales deadline.

Upon reaching a mutual agreement on the price, we can carry out an urgent purchase of your product – watches or jewelry.

The most profitable way to return your investment in watches or jewelry – conclude a contract with us and transfer the products to a commission.

To start the procedure for transferring the product to us for commission – just fill out the form below, or contact our consultants by phone + 374 411-415-40 , as well as in Chat or on request by e-mail .


Pay attention – we only accept original watches on commission. Our company reserves the right to refuse the Client to accept hours for commission at any time without giving any reason.

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