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Privacy and Cookies Policy. Applicable for EU customers

1. General Information

1.1. The policy regarding the processing of personal data (below - Policy) was created to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals whose personal data is processed by
the Time-Scope store (the "Data Controller", Operator in the same degree).
1.2. The policy was developed in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the law created by the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 dated April 27th 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons under the processing of personal data.
1.3. In accordance with the legal norms contained in the GDPR, this document is public and is available for reading to each user of this site.
1.4. This notice is to inform you about how we collect and protect any personal information you provide to us and how you can control what personal information we collect from you and what we do with it. It sets out how we intend to use your information, who we will share it with and what rights you have about use of your information.
1.5. For a better understanding of the Privacy Policy, we use the term “You” for the “User” and “We” for the “Data Controller”.
1.6. Operator uses web site for purposes, written in p. 3, 4, 5.

2. Information about Data Controller

2.1. The database of information containing personal data is located at Head office address: Vereyskaya str. 17, office 847, Moscow, Russia, 121357
2.2. IE Petrov Roman Anatolevich, TIN 263203394060, Primary State Registration Number 318502400022604
2.3. The data protection officer of IE Petrov Roman Anatolevich is contactable at the above address. The name of the data protection officer is Petrov Roman Romanovich. Phone number: +7 (968)076-11-25. E-mail:                   

3. What Personal Data do We collect?

We may collect the following information about you:

- Your name and surname;
- Your phone number;
- Your contact details: postal address including billing and delivery addresses, telephone numbers (including mobile numbers) and e-mail address;
- Purchases and orders made by you;
- Your online browsing activities on any of our websites including what items you store in your shopping bag; - Your password(s);
- Your correspondence and communications with us; and
- Other publicly available personal data, including any which you have shared via a public platform (such as Instagram)

4. How do We use your Data?

4.1. Legal Basis for using Data
We collect and use customers’ personal data as necessary for complying with our legal obligations including your exercises under data protection laws, compliance with legal and regulatory requirement and protection of our own rights.
4.2. Purposes for using Data
Purpose of using Your data is pursuit of our legitimate interests including such areas as
- General: providing of goods and services, managing account(s) you hold with us, verifying your identity, contact you electronically about promotional offers, events, products and services, etc.
- Marketing: IE Chekanova Elena Vladimirovna uses your personal data for marketing purposes and may send you postal mail, texts and/or emails to update you on our latest offers.
- Automatic data transmission: In order to improve your ability to use our site, we use Cookies files. More details about their management and use, you can read below.
4.3. Sharing Data with Third parties
We do not transfer Your personal data to third parties. Access to personal data is available only to authorized and verified managers of our company who have obligations to protect the personal data stored in the company.
An exception is the developer of the web-site (указать лицо, осуществляющее обслуживание сайта), who supports the site. With him was signed, as well as with employees, a non-disclosure agreement, establishing responsibility for not providing sufficient measures to protect personal data.
4.4. Your rights

- The right to be informed about our processing of your personal data which is the aim of this Notice;
- The right to request access to personal data that we hold about you at any time;
- The right to ask us to update and correct any out-of-date or incorrect personal data that we hold about you;
- The right to object to processing of your personal data and/or to withdraw any consent you have given us and to opt out of any marketing communications that we may send you.
- The right to prevent processing that is likely to cause damage or distress to you or anyone else;
- The certain rights in relation to automated decision-making processes including the right to object to profiling;
- The right to request that we erase or destroy your personal data in certain circumstances (the right to be forgotten) when the data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which we collected them;

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, you can always connect with our data protection officer Petrov Roman Romanovich. Phone number: +7 (968)076-11-25.

5. Cookies

5.1. uses cookies - 16 text files sent by a web server and stored by computer browser software. When the browser reconnects to the site, the site recognizes the type of device used by the user for connecting.
5.2. Parameters allow reading of the information contained in the cookies only to the server that created them. Therefore, cookies make it easier to use previously-visited sites. The information collected relates to the IP address, the type of browser used, language, operating system type, internet service provider, information about the time and date, location, and information sent to the site via a contact form. The collected data are used to monitor and determine how users use our websites, to improve the functioning of the service in order to ensure more efficient and seamless navigation.
5.4. Monitoring of information about users is performed with use of the Google Analytics tool that registers user behavior on a site.
5.5. Cookies identify the user, allowing to adjust the content of the website to the user’s needs. Remembering user preferences allows for the proper fit of displayed advertisements. We use cookies to ensure the highest comfort standard of our site, and the collected data are used by Operator only internally in order to optimize activities.
5.6. The data are stored and processed in accordance with European (GDPR) and Russian law. We respect the privacy of our users, therefore the stored data are confidential and not shared with third parties. Their security is a high priority for us, that is why they are collected on safe and protected servers.
5.7. If you want to disable cookies you need to change your website browser settings to reject cookies. How you can do this will depend on the browser you use.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

1: Choose the menu "Tools" then "Internet Options".
2: Click on the “Privacy” tab.
3: Select the appropriate setting.

For Google Chrome:

1: Choose Settings > Advanced.
2: Under "Privacy and Security," click “Content Settings”.
3: Click "Cookies".

For Safari:

1: Choose Preferences > Privacy.
2: Click on “Remove all Website Data”.

For Mozilla Firefox:

1: Choose the menu “Tools” then “Options”.
2: Click on the icon “Privacy”.
3: Find the menu “Cookie” and select the relevant options.

6. How do We protect your Data

6.1. Tools of Data protection
Operator is committed to keeping your personal data safe and secure.

Our security measures include:
- Data encryption;
- Use of security protocols on the site;
- Use of software that ensures the security of company servers;
- Regulating the activities of employees who have access to personal data;
- Application of legal security measures to the company-developer of the site;
- Strict enforcement of legislation (international and national) in the field of information security;
- Regular monitoring of the status of systems providing security.

6.2. Period of storage of Personal Data
We store your personal data without time limit. This means that they are stored on our server without any specific date, exactly all the time that they are needed in working with you, as with our client or site visitor.
Moreover, we remind you that you have the right at any time to withdraw or change your personal data, and also to use the "right to be forgotten".

IE Petrov Roman Anatolevich
17, Vereyskaya str., office 847

Last updated: January, 2021.

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